About Us

Your Business Central Expert

Spark365 is powered by Calsoft Systems, a premier and full scale ERP consulting company that has worked on hundreds of successful projects for global companies over the last 20+ years. Calsoft is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner with a 95+% retention rate.

Spark 365 is backed by Calsoft's proven experience, but designed especially for you -- the small (growing) business.

Gold Partnership with Microsoft

Spark365 was created in response to a need for a new type of ERP implementation. Calsoft recognized that there are small to midsized businesses who could benefit from a powerful financial software like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, but did not need the rich consulting and customizations required of larger, complex companies. These small businesses are lean, resourceful and could use a rapid, affordable setup.

Why Choose Spark365

Humanity in IT

Spark365 is a team within Calsoft Systems, a Microsoft Gold Partner and full premiere consultancy for global ERP projects. We have been in the business of ERP for 25 years. And above all, we put people first. We put the humanity in IT.  Our 95+% retention rate shows that our customers know we never give up until they are  happy with their technology. 

More than Accounting

Business Central is exceptional in accounting, but it's built for more than that. It's designed to turbocharge your operations so your business can optimize and grow. Spark365 team is thinking about your operations and business management, in addition to your accounting. Get more for your business with BC, get more with our Spark365 team. 


 Spark365 is on the cutting-edge for innovation for small business accounting software -- applying what was only available for large companies and giving the parts that small businesses can use, to you. Innovation is what we stand for, and we bring that value to your business, helping you get ahead of the rest.