The Best Accounting Software for Your Small Business

Business Central: The Future of Small Business Accounting Software

A Powerful Quickbooks Alternative 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best accounting software designed to help your small businesses grow! It automates, streamlines, analyzes, and optimizes performance through its amazing accounting functionality and inventory management.

And it costs less than your monthly cell phone bill.

Small Businesses Accounting Software
Has Made Major Advances!

Small businesses of today (and the future) need more than just a basic accounting software that gets cumbersome as they grow. They need a smart, cutting-edge software that will stay with them through multiple stages of growth. Business Central is an Enterprise Resource Planning software for small businesses, which means it handles both your accounting needs AND turbocharges your operations.

Outgrowing Quickbooks? 

Microsoft has taken a traditionally complex system (Enterprise Resource Planning software) and made it simpler than ever before, making it accessible to small businesses while keeping all the power and benefits. 

Whether you're just getting started with your first accounting software or ready to transition from Quickbooks, Business Central has through of all the ways to make the process smooth and simple

You can do most of the set up yourself, with a bit of guidance from Spark365 (a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner) to keep you on the right track and make sure your accounting software is a success! 

What You'll Love About Business Central

Powerful Accounting Features

Business Central's accounting functionality will impress you. Come see all the ways it can make your small business grow in ways you never imagined. 

Advanced Inventory Functions 

Quickbooks has serious limitations when it comes to inventory management. Avoid using separate solutions in order to get your inventory needs met. Business Central has the built-in advanced inventory functions you need.

Improves Your Operations

Business Central is more than just accounting software. It optimizes your operations. Learn how you can save time with your critical tasks while providing even better service to your customers.

The User Friendly Design 

Experience BC’s impressively intuitive UI design that saves you time and improves your insights.