Powerful Accounting Benefits with Business Central

Accurate entries with proof are always the key of accounting operation. Business Central offers rich functionality out-of-the-box that enables you to handle tons of transactions efficiently, accurately, and in accordance to regulatory compliance.

Attaching documents for easy reference

You can attach PDFs or Microsoft Office files to any individual transactions for quick and easy reference. For example, you can attach a vendor invoice to a purchase invoice. Rather than looking for supporting documents in scattered different folders (which is how it’s usually done in accounting softwares), you can find all related (and original) documents immediately inside the Business Central window. 

Preview posting to prevent errors 

Before posting transactions, the “Preview Posting” feature makes sure everything looks right. If there are missing entries, Business Central shows you how to correct the entries. If there are no missing entries, the system will show how each transaction will be posted. You can review this and give it the green light before it gets posted.  

Review AP trial balance easily

Before making Vendor Payments, verification of details is a important task for accounting users. Business Central allows users to review these documents easily and quickly.
For example, you can utilize Posted Purchase Invoice List with search, sort and filter function. You can show multiple targeted Purchase Invoices and drill down into the details. An attachment can be opened from the list, which helps users to review details.  

Copy and paste functions

Sometimes, working on Excel File is much easier than entering actual transactions. That’s why Business Central allows user to use “Copy and Paste function”. User can copy and paste into Excel, adjust entries and pasted back to General Journal Entry. This back and forth flexibility between BC and Excel makes everything so much easier!

Manage recurring payment easily

Every company has recurring payments like rent, subscriptions, electricity, and heat. Business Central offers a “Recurring General Journal” to manage recurring transactions, and you can post both fixed and variable amounts. You can also specify automatic reversal entries for the day after the posting date. Frequency and expiration date can be set, so that you don’t need to manually manage the conditions.  

Easy bank transaction and reconciliation

Reconciling Bank and Credit Card transactions is a major challenge for businesses, especially if you’re handling tons of transactions each day. Business Central enables you to upload and reconcile transactions easily and match them automatically. You can reduce manual reconciliation and matching process [time?] significantly.

If there are unmatched transactions, you can click “Transfer to General Journal Entry” to generate a general journal entry line. The system will take over [fill in?] the amount details, so that you can simply review and post.