What is Spark365?

Spark365 was created in response to a need for a new type of ERP implementation that makes sense for small businesses.

We recognized that there are small businesses who could benefit from a powerful financial software like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, but did not need the rich consulting and customizations required of larger, complex companies. These small businesses are lean, resourceful and could use a rapid, affordable setup. They needed a roadmap, some guidance and some tools so they could get the system up and running smoothly and start seeing benefits. Spark365 is backed by Calsoft's proven experience, but designed especially for you -- the small (growing) business

What Spark365 Offers

Spark365 sells accounting software (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Licenses) and Setup Kits to get your software up and running.

Spark365 allows you to utilize your own resources by empowering you to implement the system on your own with easy-to-follow instructions, templates and light guidance. Our Kits are designed for small to mid-sized businesses that have someone on their team who is familiar with accounting and is comfortable using technology. Our Kits make you more proactive in the process, backed by Spark365's extensive experience. The Kits will allow you to harness your potential to analyze your company performance more accurately than ever before.