Our Vision for Small Business Accounting Software

To make powerful accounting software accessible to small (growing) businesses.

An evolution in small business accounting software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the future for small business accounting software.

For accounting, small businesses traditionally used software like Quickbooks while larger companies used Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Why? Quickbooks had the basics and was affordable, and ERP was complex and expensive. 

But for the first time, small businesses have access to all the power of an ERP, while keeping the ease and affordability of Quickbooks. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central not only offers affordable pricing with tons of functionality that small businesses can use to GROW, but also makes it simple to setup. Business Central's default settings fits the needs of most small companies, and lets them use this robust ERP (once only affordable by large enterprises), right out of the box! 

Now small businesses can start with an ERP and stay with the same accounting software as they grow and grow into a medium or large business. 

Accounting software that's affordable all the way through

Business Central has become more affordable for small businesses, but the cost of implementing the software has not followed suit. Proactive small business owners are inquiring about Business Central, only to find out that an implementation costs $50K or more! What's the point of an accounting software with a low license price, if the required installation service is still priced for large companies?

Spark365’s vision is to see all small (growing) businesses benefit from the power of an ERP.  That's why we offer our Setup Kits, a self ERP implementation that meets the affordability of the software itself. These Setup Kits are designed with the needs of SMBs in mind: user-friendly at a price point that makes sense for a lean, growing company.