User Friendly Design of Business Central

Experience BC’s impressively intuitive UI design that saves you time and improves your insights.

The role center

The Role Center is the launch page and dashboard which shows summary of key business indicators related to your role in the company. You can click “See More” and drill down to review details.

Each “Tile” indicates real-time company data. The colors on the tiles prioritize your tasks by importance so you can use your time efficiently. The hyperlinks allow you to drill down from the top level summary to individual transaction details.

Your personalized role center

Depending on your Role, functionality for everyday use are different. Business Central offers “Role Center” which is role-tailored home page as out-of-the-box functionality. By selecting the most relevant role, users can experience this role-tailored experiences without any customization. It helps them focus on the work that is imprint to them. 25 Role Center Templates are available now.

Super easy way to sort through your lists

Business central shows you relevant information as a list that looks just like Excel, so the format looks familiar. You can sort, search or filter these lists and then easily export into an actual excel file. You can also save as many of your unique filtering queries as you need, and keep returning to these settings without anyone else’s settings.

Personalize your tables

Personalization allows you to Add/Hide/Move available tables by themselves. Each user can keep their own list with relevant information without effecting any other users’ settings.