Terms of Service Spark365 Description of Products and Services

Spark365 is a sub-brand of Calsoft System that provides ERP licenses and implementation guidance for small to midsized businesses that 1) require only the out-of-box functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and 2) have existing internal staff experienced in accounting technology who need minimal guidance in setting up the system. From this point forward, “Spark365” will refer to Calsoft Systems, the parent company and creator of the Spark365 brand.

Microsoft provides the technology sold by Spark365, called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Two types of monthly license subscriptions are relevant to Spark365 customers: the Essential User license and the Team User license. Microsoft’s Cloud Customer Agreement covers the legal terms of use for the technology. Calsoft Systems administers the sale of the licenses, including the monthly subscription payment processing.

Spark365 sells two categories of products on its ecommerce website: 1) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses (available only for purchase from Microsoft resellers such as Calsoft Systems) and 2) Setup “Kits” that provides customers with instructions on how to implement Business Central on their own. The Kits are prepared by and are the property of Spark365, comprising of instructional resources (knowledge bases, guides, articles, videos, etc.) designed to guide customers through the process of setting up their Business Central system.

Spark365 will also answer basic customer questions prior to purchase (i.e. kit selection, license descriptions, available system functionality, inquiries about kits) and during installation (clarification on included instructions/manuals) in the form of live chat, phone and email during business hours (as shown on company website) up to project completion, marked by customer sign-off. Additional support services are available for purchase for customers who are interested in extra guidance during or after software installation.

Differentiation from Parent Brand

In the Starter and Signature Kits mentioned below, Spark365 will configure the Business Central settings according to Microsoft’s recommendations for a standard installation.

For the purpose of clarifying Spark365’s differentiation as a service from its parent brand, please note two types of installations defined by Calsoft Systems.

  • Installation Type 1: As an authorized Microsoft reseller, Calsoft Systems will apply the official training provided by Microsoft in how to successfully install Business Central for a standard sample company. This standard setting can be done remotely and on the cloud, and does not require on-premise consultation or visits. 
  • Installation Type 2: Calsoft Systems uses its own consulting, intellectual property and methodology to implement the Business Central system according to each individual customer’s unique needs. Calsoft will take the lead on implementation, while partnering with the customer to gather and consider the client’s industry and individual needs as it applies to the software.

Spark365 follows Installation Type 1. This is an “As-Is” implementation. We do not take into account the customer’s unique situation/ needs, including hardware, software and business operations. If the out-of-the-box settings and functionality do not fit the customers’ needs as is, then the project is out of scope for Spark365’s service. Additional charges will then apply, or customer will be referred to our Type 2 Installation, available through the parent company Calsoft Systems only.

Spark365 Kits and Scope of Services

Spark365 offers two “Kits” that guide customers to setup their Business Central system, depending on the customers’ business needs: the Starter Kit and Signature Kit (see below for details).

Starter Kit: Designed to help companies take most advantage of the Business Central's predefined system settings. It’s an efficient setup designed for companies that are flexible and don’t have specific constraints, and are able to use the standard templates within Business Central.  This Kit is suited for a forward-thinking small company that wants to purchase one software that will fulfill their accounting/operational needs through multiple next stages of growth. 

This Kit requires that the company has at least one person on staff who has basic bookkeeping/accounting skills and is comfortable with using technology. 

Read more details on Starter Kit.

Signature Kit: Designed for companies that needs more than the “predefined settings” than the Starter Kit offers. These companies would still take advantage of most of the out-of-the-box settings of Business Central, but the main difference is that they need to apply their own unique Chart of Accounts, rather than use the Chart of Accounts template provided by Business Central. Spark365’s Signature Kit provides step-by-step guidance on this specific part of the setup. The Signature Kit differs from the Starter Kit in that it adds an extra layer of installation service for setting up the Chart of Accounts, but differs from traditional ERP implementation model in that it does not provide any customizations, consultation, or any other tailoring of the Business Central system.  

This package is designed for companies with an experienced controller or corporate level accountant who is familiar with financial systems and is a fast technology adapter.

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